Stablecoin DEX wars & Defining DeFi 2.0

Plus Odds & Ends and Thoughts & Prognostications

Chart of the Week: Uniswap’s 0.01% fee grabs stablecoin marketshare

Dune chart crafted by Alex Kroeger (aka DeFiCorgi) to track the DEX marketshare of the trade volume for the biggest stablecoin pair (USDT-USDC), using 1inch’s flow as a proxy. The huge jump in marketshare for Uni v3 is due to do Uniswap governance voting in a 0.01% fee tier last week to specifically target stablecoins. A surprisingly strong result from Uniswap governance, which has struggled to reach quorum in the past.

MakerDAO, meanwhile, is trying to be the primary venue for stablecoin trades with DAI, offering 0% fees on swaps between USDC-DAI and USDP-DAI.

Ironically, DeFi is following CeFi’s lead; Coinbase lowered its stablecoin trading fees in June to 0% for maker volumes and 0.01% for take volumes. The rapid growth of stablecoins and the number of well-heeled players has made them the first market segment to see fees compress. It won’t be the last.

Tweet of the Week: What is DeFi 2.0?

Parsec founder with an interesting definition of what DeFi 2.0 is: any dapp or protocol who’s token outpaces its base chain currency. DeFi blue chips from the good ole’ days have lagged behind ETH price since the Spring with most of the CT’s mindshare and investor speculation going to a swath of new projects that build on top of the existing DeFi primitives. Bankless hosted a podcast last week with folks from the major DeFi 2.0 darlings (Tokemak, OlympusDAO, Rari, Tracer & Alchemix), which provides great context on the innovation (and added risk) in this next generation of DeFi protocols.

OlympusDAO may be the trendiest DeFi 2.0 project. Combined, the plethora of OlympusDAO forks almost have as large of a market cap as the original. To dive deeper, check out Dose of DeFi’s August article on OlympusDAO and OHM from Denis.

Odds & Ends

  • Augur plans to decentralize, using governance system built by DXdao* Link

  • Delphi Digital: 5 charts showing competitive dynamics in DeFi Link

  • Themis is a new fair ordering consensus protocol Link

  • The latest on crypto in the infrastructure bill that was signed into law Link

  • Maple Finance launches permissioned on-chain loan to Alameda Link

  • Maker Wormhole aims to make Dai easily transferrable across L2s Link

  • Fei and Rari teams propose token merger Link

Thoughts & prognostications

That’s it! Feedback appreciated. Just hit reply. Written in Brooklyn, which has been dripping with Autumn vibes the last week. Off next week for Thanksgiving.

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