Algo Stablecoin death spiral; Swapr Beta launch

Plus Odds & Ends and Thoughts & Prognostications

The DXdao* community is excited to announce the launch of Swapr Beta, which is now live at Swapr.eth on Ethereum and xDai (and soon Arbitrum…)

Swapr Beta’s most exciting feature is the do-it-yourself farming platform where anyone can launch a liquidity mining campaign for any pair with any reward token. Swapr also has eco-routing, which ensures users always get the best price available - even if it’s not on Swapr.

Check out the announcement for more info or try it yourself.

Tweet of the Week: Another algo stablecoin fails

A tweet that’s “the sign of the times” with Bloomberg editor and unofficial chief of finance twitter, Joe Weisenthal opining on that latest algo stablecoin (IRON) to collapse. The story is getting more attention in the broader media ecosystem because Marc Cuban was one of the investors who got hosed and will surely be picked up as one of the “horror stories of stablecoins” by drive-by pundits.

Within the DeFi echo chamber, discussion is mostly on whether algorithmic stablecoins are a perpetual motion machine that can never be achieved or a noble pursuit of capital efficiency. What’s clear is the interest in stablecoins is increasing from every angle, whether it’s DeFi degens, central banks or payments companies.

Odds and Ends

  • StarkNet Planets Alpha launches on Ropstein Link

  • UMA launches Range Tokens as convertible debt option for DAOs Link

  • List of protocols with on-chain liquidation opportunities Link

  • DODO announces plans to launch on Solana Link

  • The Block: Antonio Juliano on dYdX’s $65m Series B Link

  • Impossible Finance V2 Swap launches, aiming for new gas-efficient AMMs Link

  • Curve Moves to Block Rewards for Alchemix Pools Link

  • Pendle launches on main net, trying to make tokenized yields Link

Thoughts and prognostications

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