DEX front-ends vs 1inch

And regulators try to wrap their heads around DeFi

No GameStop hot take here but back maybe next week.

Chart of the Week: 1inch DEX flows

One of several great charts from Messari’s Ryan Watkins in an overview of leading DEX aggregator 1inch, which posted more than $6bn in total volume in January. The chart above shows the breakdown of flows from 1inch to DEX’s. Curve has been a big recipient of 1inch flows, because - as Ryan notes - a trader’s stablecoin of choice may not be the most liquid for the desired token, so 1inch uses Curve to optimize the trade route.

There is also some insight into front-end usage:

Clearly, most traders are going to 1inch, Uniswap or Sushiswap with most other DEX’s highly reliant on flow from 1inch. The volume from 1inch can be viewed as a metric for LP size and capital efficiency. Interestingly, Uniswap and Sushiswap have almost identical volume from 1inch.

Tweet of the Week: First whispers of regulation

Stablecoins have already ushered in a new crypto political age, and now the explosive growth of DeFi is catching the eye of regulators. As Crypto Mom points out, it will be a brand new approach because they can’t lean on companies for enforcement. The on- and off-ramps will likely be a target and stablecoins’ reliance on the banking system does give regulators some leverage, as do front-ends and mobile apps, but it’s hard to imagine regulators being able to ban dapps or DeFi protocols. Coin Center just released a podcast today on “DeFi and the SEC”.

Odds and Ends

  • DXdao* expands to Arbitrum Link

  • Parsec, a Bloomberg-like interface for DeFi, raises $1.25m & launches Link

  • YAM and UMA’s uGas synthetic expires and begins settlement process Link

  • Loopring unveils new tokenomics for LRC Link

  • Alpha Homora, which offers yield farm with leverage, launches v2 Link

  • Sushi introduces MISO - Minimal Initial Sushi Offering Link

  • Derivatives platform Opium introduces novel liquidity mining campaign Link

  • Chainalysis: Criminals moved $34 million in crypto through DeFi in 2020 Link

Thoughts and Prognostications

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